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Restoring Smiles at Zillmere Dentists

Zillmere Smile Rehabilitation

Do you have broken teeth, missing teeth or cavities? The Zillmere dentists at Zillmere Dentists provide comprehensive rehabilitative services to help you keep your natural smile healthy for as long as possible.


Our selection of restorative options includes:

faviconComposite Fillings

Zillmere Restorative dentistry

At Zillmere Dentists, we can restore your smile so it looks better than ever!

All of our fillings are amalgam-free, composite restorations. In some cases, we are able to fill your tooth on the same day as your exam. If you have existing amalgam fillings that are starting to form crack lines around them, it is best to replace them before the tooth breaks down further.

With composite fillings, the material does not expand or contract as much during temperature changes the way that silver does. This type of filling preserves a tighter seal against the tooth.

faviconInlays and Onlays

Depending on the severity of your decay, an inlay or onlay may be more appropriate than a small filling. Inlays and onlays are lab-made restorations that help to rebuild a larger portion of the tooth.

faviconRoot Canal Therapy

If your dental nerve is infected or you have a deep cavity, a root canal will be necessary. Zillmere Dentists utilises rotary instruments for greater accuracy and efficiency during your procedure.

Should your tooth infection be severe, we may recommend antibiotic treatment before your root canal to prevent unwanted pain. After the initial swelling has subsided, numbing the tooth becomes much easier. If you want to start treatment straightaway, there may be just a bit of discomfort at first, followed by a fairly straightforward and comfortable procedure.

faviconPorcelain Crowns and Bridges

Custom-designed porcelain crowns and bridges are used to repair broken teeth or replace missing ones. They can also be placed on top of dental implants. Thanks to our digital oral scanner, you won’t have to endure uncomfortable impressions of your teeth.

faviconDental Implants

Looking to replace your missing teeth? Zillmere Dentists is happy to offer comprehensive dental implant placement and restorative services at our practice.

If your mouth is relatively healthy with adequate bone support, we can place the implant using ConeBeam CT imaging and a 3D printed surgical guide. This method encourages optimal recovery time, improved comfort and reduces the length of your procedure. More advanced cases may be referred to a specialist.

Thanks to digital technology, some implants can be placed and restored with a crown, bridge or denture in just one day. Other cases may only take up to three months from surgical placement of the implant to the date of the restoration being installed.


What expectations do you have for replacing your missing teeth? Dentures are very cost-effective options that work quite well for most people. If you have healthy teeth that are still in place, we may recommend wearing a partial denture instead of extracting them.

If adequate bone support exists, you can also select to anchor an implant-supported bridge into place as an alternative to removable dentures.

Putting Your Needs First

Zillmere Dentists delivers family friendly care that’s attentive to your needs. You can depend on our knowledgeable dentists to put your wellbeing first. Contact us today to schedule a same-day appointment. Insurance plans are accepted. We’re also an HCF preferred provider.


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